Chrismas Beer Festival Kerstbierfestival

Unfortunately already sold out!

3 litres of Christmas Beer
(Mix 33 & 75cl)

Included the TOP 3 from 2019:

Schuppenbier Winter (Het Nest)
Black Pudding (Vleesmeesters)
Stille Nacht (Dolle Brouwers)

and 2 exclusive tasting glasses 2020 !

for 24,00Ä

Thank you for your support !!

Dear Christmas Beer Enthousiast,

It is with a heavy heart that we have to inform you that there will not be a Christmas Beer Festival in 2020. We have postponed the decision whether or not to organize this yearís festival as long as we could but it is now the end of September and we had to bite the bullet.  

At this moment, at the beginning of October it is allowed to organize indoor events with a maximum of 200 attendees.  For the Christmas Beer Festival additional rules mean that everybody has to remain seated at a designated table, waiters and waitresses have to take orders and bring beer and wearing facemasks is mandatory.  Under these circumstances we believe organizing a festival isnít worth the effort.  It would never be the cozy and convivial festival we are used to and financially it would be very difficult.  

And then there is the unpredictable nature of the pandemic.  Infection curves are on the rise again and it might very well be that come December the rules and restrictions have changed.  Furthermore, we have an international public and different countries take different measures including travel bans and ever changing yellow, orange and red codes.

In order for you to enjoy a tasty Christmas beer during the festive season we have assembled Mystery Boxes  of on average 3 liters of Christmas beer.  The top 3 beers of 2019 will be part of the packages together with beers we already had in stock for this year. You can order a package following this link. You can collect your package in Essen on December 5.  Shipping is also possible for several countries within the EU (incl. UK). Shipping will also be done after December 5.

So unfortunately, no Christmas Beer Festival this year, but we hope to welcome you all back on December 18 & 19 2021 at a fantastic festival with lots of delicious beers.

Stay Healthy and enjoy a beer!

The O.B.E.R. board,

an organisation by O.B.E.R. vzw
Objectieve Bierproevers Essense Regio